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Evoc504 Principles of Adult Education
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I am enrolled in this class for the fall semester, but since it is available as a distance learning class, I am doing my best to finish it this summer. This will lighten my load for the fall.

Written reports for EVOC 504 Principles of Adult Education

WR1 Adult Learning Environments

WR2 Problem Solving: How two of my high school teachers highly succeeded and highly failed at this

WR3 Barriers to Adult Education: Real or Perceived

WR4: Learning Styles, assessing and accomodating for the good of the student

WR5: Classroom management through situational leadership (Based on Ken Blanchard's book on Situational Leadership)

WR6: Students helping students through effective workgroups (Based on Ken Blanchard's book, Building High Performing Teams)

WR7: Americans with Disabilities Act and its impact on Adult Education

WR8: Assess and accommodate needs of ESL, elderly, and disabled adults