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Philip James Fournier (Phil in English, Felipe in Spanish)

My Address is 41183 Granada Cr., Hemet, Ca, 92544
My business address is 111 N. Soboba St, Hemet, Ca, 92544

My E-Mail Address is


My goal is to live a full life that honors God. I completed my BVE degree at Cal State San Bernardino in May of 2006. My long-term goal is to be able to teach "full-time" but in the interest of having summers and vacation time free to travel, both for personal interest of myself and my wife, and to visit my Latin Christian friends.


I have co-owned Phil's Auto Clinic with my brother since 1984. Our auto repair operation is located in Hemet, where we employ six people in an operation that does gross sales of around $900,000 a year. The job gives me considerable flexibility to travel and a comfortable income, though it is somewhat stressful. Years of business development training have taught me a great deal about working with people, specifically my employees, to help them reach their goals while working together to insure the success of the business.

I began teaching for Mt. San Jacinto Community College in the Fall of 1988. I have come a long way in learning how to teach effectively, and as I have taught, I have learned a great deal myself. Teaching has made me a much better technician, and has helped me in many other ways too.

I began negotiations to teach in Spanish for Standard Motor Parts in 2002, but we were not able to put anything together until 2004. Now, I have translated three courses entirely into Spanish and have taught throughout California, as well as in Chicago and Miami. Teaching in Spanish has been interesting and fun. The idea does not please everyone. Some object to teaching immigrants in their own language instead of in English. Yet these older ones have a tough time learning another language and while they are learning, I think it is beneficial to the auto repair industry to give them some help so they can be more effective at fixing cars.