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This page is my plug for the Vocation Education program at Cal State San Bernardino

I highly recommend the EVOC courses at Cal State University, San Bernardino, to anyone looking to achieve accreditation, get a BA degree in Vocational Education, or simply to become a better teacher. Actually, I think that Dr. Pendleton's 501 class should be required for EVERY teacher. Instructors who pass through these education courses come out far better equipped to deal with the complex real world of student/instructor interaction and the learning dynamic. They write clear objectives, give better tests, and achieve higher levels of critical thinking among their students.

Click here to see my 501 work. I did this class tradationally, attending all of the class sessions.

Click here to look at 519 work. This class should be taken early on, especially if one is weak in computer skills. I learned to build this website in the 519 class. Computer proficient scholars can do this class by distance learning without difficulty.

I did 518 entirely by distance learning. In it I designed an entire course. Click here to go to that page.

EVOC 502/503 material is here. I also did this completely by distance learning. There are 27 assignments and two books to read so diligence is required to get an "A" grade.

Click here to get an idea of the tedium of Swan Bill documentation! Personally, I don't think this course lends itself to distance learning. I attended every class, and submitted my Application by the 7th week. I was awarded 57 quarter units for my teaching, working, and writing experience.

I am current working on this course, 521. We are covering Bloom's Taxonomy and the learning domains. Distance learners may find this one more difficult, as much of the value in the class is interaction with the other scholars.

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