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Lesson Plan

Subject:    Reading an Ignition Scope Pattern                           

Lesson Topic:         Peak voltage versus burn time              


Student Performance Objective:

By the end of the lesson:  Given information about ignition systems and their related oscilloscope patterns, each student will be able to compare and contrast an open spark plug wire with a fouled spark plug using a calibrated piece of string, with enthusiasm and interest.


How will students be evaluated and what methods will be used to measure competency?  Students will be given a piece of string and a tack board and asked to illustrate a fouled spark plug and an open plug wire, and asked to support their illustrations with an appropriate written explanation.



Materials Needed: Overhead, whiteboard, colored dry erase markers, handout, strings, tack boards, and push pins  for each student.


Anticipatory Set or Mental Readiness: (Describe the introduction to the lesson you will use to get the students involved in the lesson)

If you put one of those big, expensive, yellow ignitions coils on your car, will it give you more power?



Instructional Components: (Include type of lesson and major concepts to be covered)

Cover coil output versus spark demand

Using the string, the students will show peak voltage versus burn time, illustrating open wire consequences and fouled plug consequences.



Check for Understanding and/or Guided Practice and Independent Practice:

 Reiterate the effect of high resistance versus low resistance on the shape of the waveform.


Closure: ("Are there any questions?" is NOT an adequate closure)

 Ask again the question regarding the expensive yellow coil.


Assessment Tool: (Written test, skill performance, scenario, portfolio, discussion, etc.)

 Combination tack board and string with labels plus an essay type question