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To: Dr. Ron Pendleton

From: Phil Fournier

Date: 12/4/2004

Re: 518 teacher observation number 2


EVOC 518 Teacher Observation form


Scholarís name: Phil Fournier

Name of Instructor Observed: ------------

Date and Place of observation: -----------


Specific Examples of Effective teaching:

I observed Professor --------- teaching his sixteen hour state required smog update class.The subject was a state-specified curriculum which included a pre-designed lesson plan, complete with two PowerPoint presentations and built in video.The professor seemed interested in the studentís basic understanding of the stateís interest that smog technicians understand new technology sufficiently to not be replacing parts that donít behave like they used to.Specifically, air fuel ratio sensors have a completely different response to testing and if tested with standard methodology, they will be condemned as being faulty when they are not.The professorís voice was easily heard in the classroom and there was plenty of opportunity for student interaction.The main point of the presentation I believe was well understood by the students.


Specific suggestions for Improvement: I find it a bit difficult not to be exceedingly critical of this teaching observation.The course curriculum is tightly controlled by the state and the lesson plan is pre-arranged.However, this would not preclude the instructor adding his own experience and illustrations.Iím sorry to say that the instructor limited himself to rote reading of the presentation.Additionally the presentation was presented on a video monitor which was next to impossible to read, instead of using a LCD monitor.I had to resist the urge to jump up and take over the class myself.In my opinion, the mandatory nature of the course (required for every existing and perspective smog technician) makes it doubly important that the teaching be made valuable.