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Evoc 518 WR5


Material for a Substitute Instructor

To: Substitute Teacher
From: Phil Fournier, Instructor, Automotive Engine Performance
Re: Emergency Lesson Packet

Thank you for teaching my class in my absence. You will find most of my students are serious adult students interested in a career as automotive technicians.  I put this packet together to facilitate your teaching experience. I have attached a list of my schedule and other pertinent information, a list of my class rules, and an emergency lesson plan. Let the students know that they are required to do this lesson. If they do not complete the lesson, they will receive a zero that will be averaged into their final grade. I believe in flexibility so don’t feel you are tied completely to this lesson plan, but of course the overall objective of the plan needs to be met.   Make any changes you feel are necessary. Just let me know what they are, so I can adjust the grades accordingly. I want to thank you again for teaching my class on short notice.

Substitute Lesson Packet - Part 2

These are the classroom rules which these students received on the first day of class.

This is a college class.  All students are here as a result of selecting the course of their own free will and no one is required to stay in the class.  As a consequence of this, adult behavior is both expected and demanded.  Lest there be any confusion as to what this means, the following rules are set forth:

1.      Respect will be shown to fellow students and the professor at all times.  This includes not talking during lectures unless called upon to answer a question, or by raising a hand to ask a question.  It also includes shutting off cell phones during class hours.

2.      Fighting or racial slurs are intolerable and will result in expulsion from the class as per school rules.

3.      Safety glasses will be worn at all times in the lab.

4.      Smoking and tobacco chewing is not permitted in the classroom or in the lab per state law.  Smoking may occur in the designated areas on break time.

5.      Name calling and similar immature behavior will not be tolerated.

6.      School policy discourages food in the classroom for hygiene reasons.  However, this instructor realizes that many of the students are also holding down jobs and time for eating can be hard to find.  Food and drink may be consumed in the classroom prior to the start of class provided it is not carried into the lab.

Consequences: As is appropriate for adults, consequences for rule breaking are either very mild or very severe.  In sixteen years of teaching, this instructor has never needed to proceed beyond consequence number 1.

1.      Violation of rules 1, 4, 5, and 6 will result in a verbal warning on the first violation. 

2.      Repeat violations will result in a conference with the department head, the student, and the instructor as to whether or not the student should stay in the class.

3.      Violation of rule 3 will result is loss of lab privileges until safety glasses are put on.

4.      Violation of rule 2 will result in immediate expulsion.

Substitute Lesson Packet - Part 3

Keys: The classroom is not locked.  You can park your car in the spot next to the south rollup door marked “Faculty parking”.  Ask the tool room attendant for a temporary parking permit if you need one.  The tool room is kept locked and the student worker there, Vincent Thorn, can get you any tool you may need.  Students understand the tool checkout procedures; you will not be responsible for their tools other than the safe use of them.

Class Schedule:

1. Monday – Wednesday, 6:00pm to 9:00pm  Room: 904, Automotive Building

Helpful students: Ed Garcia and Keith Smith are taking the class for a second time to add to their knowledge.  They are both exceptional students who accept responsibility and are anxious to help others, particularly in the lab.

Class Dynamics - This class is generally excellent with very few discipline problems.  You may find that Ted Watson likes to talk on endlessly if you give him opportunity.  He doesn’t understand gentle hints; you must simply take control and interrupt him to go on with your lecture.


Additional Class Rules:

The students should be turning in their worksheets from last week’s lab, along with the answers to the questions from chapter 6.  They will turn them in to the in-box located on the teacher’s desk.  Before you begin the class, ask the students if anyone else needs to turn in work.  You will not be expected to grade the papers.  Place them in the marked folder (labeled “homework and worksheets for week 6) in the associate faculty office with my name on it.

I cannot grade by attendance, but must keep roll per college policy so please have the students sign the sign in sheet before the first break period.

I should warn you that these students have a struggle getting to class on time.  As they are almost all adults working to support families I cut them some slack for arriving late, but I do not back-track in my lecture.  They are expected to get the missed material from the other students on their own.


I am a stickler on two rules in particular: Safety glasses in the lab and no cell phones in the class.  By now the students realize that these two rules are immutable, but may think the cell phone rule doesn’t apply since I am absent.  It would be advisable to repeat at the beginning of class that the “no cell phones” rule is still applicable.  I always remind students about the safety glasses at the beginning of lab and I would ask that you do the same.



  • The sign-in sheets are in the file cabinet in the marked folder.  You will also find the textbook there. 
  • The whiteboard markers are in the desk drawer.  The school will not buy these supplies, so they are my personal tools.  Please don’t leave them out as they will disappear.
  • The video controller and the LCD projector controller are in the tool room with the attendant.

Substitute Lesson Packet - Part 4
Substitute Lesson Plan

Instructor: Phil Fournier
Subject: Automotive Engine Performance
Date: In My Absence

Student Performance objective: By the end of the lesson the student should be able to look up specific information pertinent to their own vehicle (or one of the school-owned vehicles) using the Alldata On-line information database.

The students will demonstrate competency in this skill by filling out the information worksheet and turning in the actual computer printouts in the five areas for which informational printouts are requested by the worksheet.  A five question quiz, fill-in-the-blank, will be administered at the end of class.

Anticipatory set: Explain to the students the absolute necessity of having information, specifications, troubleshooting details, and operational strategies specific to their vehicles.  As the students have been begging me to show them how to use this system, I don’t think you need spend much time here, perhaps one minute.

Introductory video: The video provided by Alldata is in the filing cabinet.  It makes for a good introduction to the interface, the use of the mouse and keyboard, and the hotkeys for moving between screens.  It is 15 minutes long.

Lecture and demonstration: Using the overhead LCD projector and the classroom computer with internet connection, go to the website .  Enter the user name MSJC and the password MSJC (case sensitive).  From the opening screen, enter the vehicle details listed permanently on the side of the computer case, the school owner 2001 Honda Accord LX, with 2.3L VTEC engine and California emissions.  Demonstrate how to follow the menus to each of the five areas on the worksheet.  Be sure to show the students the location of the print function and how to print only the section desired.

Check for understanding: It is essential that the students understand the sequence before being sent to the lab computers themselves.  Ask several students to come to the key board and demonstrate a look up of their own vehicle.

Lab exercise: There are 24 students in the class and only 4 computers.  Students can generally work effectively in groups of two.  I have the students count off and then pair up odd numbers and even numbers, then send 8 students to the computers.  The remaining 16 students should be working on the simulator workstations, either to catch up on worksheets not completed, or working ahead on next week’s worksheet.  We have covered this material already in the lecture, so the students should be able to work independently.  Set a time limit of 30 minutes for each group of students.  This should be more than sufficient for each student to finish the worksheet.

Closure:  Students should meet in the classroom 30 minutes prior to the end of class, regardless of where they are in their lab work.  Ask if tools have been returned to the tool room (they have to leave their driver’s license behind, so very few forget to return them). Give the five-question quiz (in filing cabinet marked folder).  Collect quiz and dismiss the class.