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EVOC 518 WR1


Critical Resources

    Dial 1285 on classroom phone for any on campus security or medical emergency.
    Security Office is beside Print Shop, adjacent to the Auto Shop compound.
    Jim Alcox, cell number 903-3766, Campus Security Officer, SJC

Administrative Resources

  1. MSJC College president, Richard Giese, 487-6751 x1106
    The buck stops here; besides, Dick Giese is a terrific guy.
  2. Office of Instruction, Richard Collins, Dean of Instruction, 487-6751 x1698.  Dick Collins handles career education and takes a keen interest in the success of the automotive department.
  3. Automotive Technology Department head, Roddy Rampersad, 487-6751 x1615.  Roddy has been department head for two years now, and seems anxious to stick with the job and develop a high quality automotive program.


Teaching Resources

1.     Ivan Hinerman, retired teacher, former department head at MSJC (hired me back in 1988)- 320 Summit Ave, Redlands, 92373-6854  phone (909) 793-9393  e-mail:
Teaching Advice – counsel on curriculum development, grant money.

2.     Tony Asebedo- fellow college professor, retired ROP instructor.
Teaching Advice - curriculum issues, teaching in general, NATEF standards.



Advisory Committee

1.     Marvin Danielson, manager/technician

Hamilton Automotive

115 N. Hamilton St, Hemet, 92543

(951) 652-2253


2.     Tom Quinn, owner

Quinn’s Automotive

1501 W. Acacia, Hemet, 92543

(951) 929-4442


3.     Steve Adkison, service director

Gosch Auto Group

115 Carriage Circle, Hemet, 92543

(951) 658-3188


4.     Tim Callahan, manager

Napa Auto Parts

1323 W. Florida Ave, Hemet, 92543

(951) 925-6684

Technology Resources

1.     John Brockshier, JB Computers

1690 W. Florida Ave, Hemet, 92543

(951) 925-8911

Help with computer hardware and software issues


2.     Fred Johnson, Robert Johnson

AJ Business machines

219 E. Florida Ave, Hemet, 92543

(951) 658-0550

Help with computer, printer, copier, digital camera, digital camcorder, and other technology issues.


3.     Jeff Masterman, Standard Motor Parts

(828) 688-9085 (home office)

(828) 280-2506

Training materials developer, PowerPoint expert par excellence

Web Site Resources

1.     International Auto Technician’s network

Endless source of technical and teaching tools, waveforms, diagrams, photos, PowerPoint samples, downloadable files, educator’s forum.


2.     Jim Wilson

Working technician with teaching as a side job teaches critical thinking skills in his website.


3.     Alldata Information Systems

Source of continually updated technical service information.


Media Resources

1.     Bob Freudenberger, Editor, BMW Tech Drive Magazine

1741 Castile Ave, St. Augustine, Florida  32084

(904) 392-5959  e-mail:

Source of published materials, access to media sources, knows everybody in the automotive press.


2.     Greg McConiga, Assistant Editor, Net Profit Garage, online publication

7779 E. D’Andre Dr.  Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46818-9221

(260) 434-4231  e-mail:

Very knowledgeable technically, articulate gifted writer, board member of ASE, NATEF insider.