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To: Dr. Ron Pendleton

From: Phil Fournier

Date: 12/3/2004


EVOC 518 SR2 Status Report


1.      Scholar Philip Fournier, student #816216045


2.      I have completed about one half of the “7 Habits” book and have attempted to write my own personal mission statement using the Franklin Covey website model, but I am not happy with the result.  I am going to rework it.  I plan to finish the book, possibly this weekend, but at least within the next week.


3.      The following factors should be considered when coming up with a viable plan for competency based grading.  Use pass/fail instead of a letter grade when possible, make sure the grading system is clear to the students, allow for make-up work, use multiple indicators rather than just a few big tests, use a point system for individual tests and projects, and encourage the students to keep a record of where they are at.


4.      Assertive Discipline is, in a nutshell, having a set of classroom rules and a corresponding set of consequences if those rules are broken.  It also includes following through with the consequences religiously.


5.      The names of the six parts of the motivation theory are Level of concern, feeling tone, interest, success, knowledge of results, and relation of activity to reward.


6.      The names of the three types of reinforcement are Positive, Negative, and Extinction.


7.      The Student performance objective is the BEOLSWBAT (By End Of Lesson Student Will Be Able To….).  In other words, the student performance objective defines the reason for the specific lesson plan.


8.      The following 518 assignments remain to be done: WR5, WR7, WR8, and WR9; MP1 and MP2 media presentations;   It is my hope to have my portfolio completed by the time of the start of class (January 12th) with the exception of the media presentations.  My hope is to be able to add EVOC 504 should my scheduled spring class be cancelled.