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  1. The full name and Student ID Number (or Social Security Number) of the scholar.

Philip Fournier, student #816216045

  1. How and when the Data Sheet and School Site Documents were submitted (i.e. as a pdf attachment to an e-mail, via U.S. Postal Mail or delivered to the instructor's office).

Data Sheet was submitted by e-mail as well as posted on my website

  1. A brief explanation of why E-MAIL Standard #2 is important.

The SUBJECT of the e-mail is important, so the instructor can know which assignment within 518 is being addressed in the e-mail.

  1. A brief explanation of why STATUS REPORTS are important.

The three STATUS REPORTS are to help the instructor to keep track of what of the EVOC 518 Scholars are doing as they work on developing their portfolios.

  1. The following vocabulary words, with their definitions from the EVOC 518 E-TEXT: