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EVOC 518 course evaluation by scholar Phil Fournier


I currently teach for Mt. San Jacinto College in San Jacinto, California in the automotive department on a very intermittent basis.My passion is automotive engine performance specifically, computerized engine controls.


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1.      Organization of information in the E-TEXT:I found the e-text easy to follow and well organized, though I had a lot of trouble logging on to the website where the e-text is located, due to trouble with Microsoft XP service pack 2.

2.      Directions provided for each assignment: I found the assignments clear and easy to follow, even without attending class.I was able to complete the entire course by distance learning.

3.      Examples provided for each assignment: This e-textís examples, though not as entertaining as Fred Fudrucker underwater basket weaving stuff, were generally very helpful. They are not included with every assignment, but since I already took EVOC 501, I had a pretty good idea of what was expected.

4.      How valuable the assignments were: I found the writing assignments to be very helpful, particularly the lesson plans, WR7.Actually, all of the assignments were a learning experience for me, though I at first wasnít sure there was much use to the discipline standards of WR4, which seemed not applicable towards the adults that I teach in community college.But, I realize that many, perhaps even most of the EVOC scholars teach in ROP programs with high school students.

5.      I liked the exercise of putting together all of the elements of a course.It actually made me wish I was really teaching the course I prepared for during the 518 class.Unfortunately, I have not even been offered the job of teaching that class and Iím not sure I could teach it as it is a day-time class.

6.      My only suggestion for a change relates to my frustration with logging on the e-text.I had no difficulty last quarter when the files for e-text were on the actual e-text website.