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The following information is provided for those who have installed Microsoft Windows XP service pack 2 and are having problems logging onto the e-text.  I personally had problems only with EVOC 518 e-text which is located on the CSUSB web server  I was told by my cable provider that the problem is in Windows, not with the cable or DSL provider.  The steps they gave me solved the problem for me and I pass them along to you.


Go to Start, Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt  and press enter (this will take user out to a DOS prompt)


Type in this command line at the prompt:  netsh winsock reset   and press enter


There should be a message regarding resetting of the winsock


Reboot computer


Open up your browser, go to the tools menu and select options


Clear out the cookies and the browser history


Try again to get into the website. 


If this still doesn’t work, try clicking on this hyperlink: