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Philip J. Fournier                                   


Career Synopsis through December, 2004


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Phil Fournier is a partner and the president of Phil’s Auto Clinic since 1984.  He is a practicing auto technician as well as the director of training at Phil’s.  He has also taught automotive technology at Mt. San Jacinto College since fall of 1988.   In 1987 Phil was honored by the Automotive Service Counsels for receiving the highest score on the ASE certification tests in the state of California.  Phil was honored by Napa and the National Institute for Automotive service excellence as a technician of the year finalist in 1989, 1994, 1995, and 1996.  In 1997 he received the Technician of the Year award at a national level.   In 2004 Phil published his book “Making the vehicle to reach your dreams”, a book about his life and the development of his auto repair business.


Phil began learning the Spanish language while in high school and continued its study at Santa Ana College where he also studied automotive technology between 1976 and 1978.  Phil has continued to develop his expertise in Spanish through reading, writing, and translating.  In 2002 he did his first automotive instruction in Spanish, and in 2004 began contract instruction of advanced automotive subjects for Standard Motor Parts in the Spanish language.  He has taught automotive technology in English at Mt. San Jacinto College since 1988 and completed his 1000 hours of teaching towards his BVE degree in 2002.  He continues to teach at the college on an intermittent basis.


Phil began his post-high school education at Santa Ana College in 1976.  After two years of primarily automotive study, he entered the workforce as a full-time technician.  Four years later he returned to school at Mt. San Jacinto College and completed his associate of science degree in 1983.  In 1991 he began study towards an Accredited Automotive Manager’s degree and completed same in 1994.  In 1995 he returned to Mt. San Jacinto College to continue undergraduate work towards a bachelor’s in vocational education.  He completed his lower division work in 2003 and began his work at Cal State San Bernardino in the fall of 2004.  So far, he has completed Evoc 501, 518 and 519.


Phil is the chapter secretary for ASC chapter 32, the local chapter of the state Automotive Service Counsels, an organization of auto repair shop owners and technicians.  He has for the past 13 years taught Sunday school to a class of teenagers in his local Christian assembly.


Phil began technical writing for a variety of professional automotive publications in 1998 and continues to write two or three technical and management article a year for Motor Age and a BMW publication, TechDrive.