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TO: Dr. Joe Scarcella
FROM: Phil Fournier
RE: 502/3, SA3, Fournier

Personal Mission Statement of EVOC scholar Phil Fournier

Since God has given me some unknown, but definitely limited time here on earth, I am resolved to pack as much into that time as possible; to do as much living as I can, though within limits of what is right and good, as set forth in the Bible.  I resolve to first understand, then to be understood, as I recognize that far too often I get those things reversed.

I am resolved to be principle-centered, as I see the weakness in the other possibilities and have seen those same weakness played out in my own life in a disappointing fashion.

I am resolved to keep my priorities in life straight; to value the goose above the golden egg; to value people more than the good they might bring to me, such as my family, my employees, my customers, my students, and my friends.

I am resolved to worry less about things outside my sphere of influence or control.

I am resolved to continue making deposits in the emotional bank accounts of those within my sphere of influence through kindness, honesty, integrity, courage, consideration, compassion, and genuine affection. 

I will look for the mutual benefit in all of my relationships, or what Covey calls “win-win”.  I need to find this in particular in regards to my love for the Latin people and my interest in traveling to Spanish speaking countries.

I am resolved to treat others as they can and should be, in particular, my children, my students and my employees.

I would like it to be said of me when I pass on, as it was said of the two brothers in Second Hand Lions “he really lived.”


Five years from today:

Five years from today I would like to be traveling and teaching in both English and Spanish.  I would like to have earned the respect of the international automotive community to the extent that my automotive teaching in Spanish is recognized in Latin American countries, such that my love of teaching and traveling are combined.  I would also like to have improved my skill in development of PowerPoint presentations and web-based instruction such as the e-text programs.


What needs to be done:

I am in the process of completing my BVE degree at CSUSB.  I have set a goal to complete this by June of 2006 and so far that goal looks very attainable.  In addition, I would like to complete my minor in Spanish by December of 2007.  My education will continue to be financed by my contract teaching in Spanish.  My personal development in computer skills will be facilitated by attending specific workshops in the use of PowerPoint offered by the community college where I teach part-time.  I have a workshop scheduled for January 11th, 2005.