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TO: Dr. Joe Scarcella
FROM: Phil Fournier
RE: 502/3, SA2, Fournier


This website is resource for technicians looking for jobs.  While the students in my class may not be ready for employment yet, nevertheless a look at this website early on in the semester should be a good incentive for the students to stick with the course. 


This website is a veritable treasure trove of information.  Most of the information is pretty advanced for beginning students but even so there is so much here that it wouldn’t take much searching around the site to find a great deal of benefit even to the beginning technician.  I would use this site as a source of research assignments for my students.  The website requires technicians to join and requires they have four years of experience, which most students don’t have.  However, I could allow the students to perform searches under my name.


This is a fairly simple website that came up while searching under “auto technician”.  It is more or less a question and answer site for students designed to convince them that being an auto technician is a worthwhile career. 


This website is pretty simple and dedicated to the BMW make, but is has some neat graphics and simple procedures related to engine performance, as well to other parts of the vehicle.  This site would make for a good research assignment early in the class.


This site has great information on the combustion process, essential to understanding engine performance.  Like number 4 above, this site focuses on high performance.  Many young people get into automotive because they start off wanting to “hot-rod” their own vehicle.