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TO: EVOC 503 Instructor Dr. Joe Scarcella
FROM: Phil Fournier
RE: 503, Quiz 3 vocabulary, Fournier


Letters of Recommendation


A letter of recommendation should be written only if the writer can express honest and sincere praise for the person requesting the letter.  The writer should be able to give specific examples of what attributes are possessed by the requestor of the letter.  These attributes ought to be relevant to the position that the requestor is seeking.  This means that the writer must have had a fair amount of contact with the requestor, perhaps as an instructor, employer, or mentor.  When writing letters of recommendation, it is important to address the requestor by their surname, rather than calling them by their first name, in order to project a professional image.  A well-written, honest letter of recommendation can mean more to a prospective employer than a glowing résumé. 


School Boards


The concept of governing a school district with a board made up of elected citizens goes back to the very beginning of our nation’s history.  The Hemet Unified School District is governed by a board made up of seven members, including Gisela Gosch, Marilyn Forst, Charlotte Jones, Phylliss Petri, David Peters, and Bill Sanborn.  The school board is responsible for hiring the school superintendent on behalf of the community.  The superintendent actually runs the school district from a managerial standpoint, but the superintendent is expected to carry out the wishes of the school board.  The school board can fire the superintendent for good cause, even though they generally work under a multi-year contract.  The Hemet Unified School District governing board meets every other Tuesday.  The next meeting is 01/04/05 and I expect to be attending in order to complete WA6.