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TO: EVOC 503 Instructor Dr. Joe Scarcella
FROM: Phil Fournier
RE: 503, Quiz 2 vocabulary, Fournier


The Pre-Course Survey


The concept of pre-course surveys is new to me.I have for many years given a pre-test to see what the studentís level of knowledge has been.But after reading the material in this course, I have had a change of opinion.While a test may do a good job of measuring a studentís knowledge, it will not measure his or her attitudes, opinions, or perceptions.These things are important for the instructor to know on the very first day of the course.Once he has given the survey, he will have a much better idea of the studentís perceptions about the course and can either adjust his teaching to those ideas or else readjust the studentís miss-perceptions about the course.In the survey I wrote for WA3, I focused on finding out what the studentís objectives are.Armed with this information, I feel I can do a much better job of meeting the studentís expectations (or else inform them they are in the wrong class!)


The Post-Course Survey


The post-course survey has the important goal of future improvement in the classroom or in the course material.The instructor needs to know if the studentís feel the course goals and objectives have been met.While the answer to this is somewhat subjective and there is likely to be variation from one student to the next, after the completion of the survey, the instructor should be able to write a synopsis of success and/or failure in the course.Perception is reality, it is sometimes said, and it certainly holds true in the classroom.If the instructorís opinion is that he has done very well in teaching the material and meeting course goals, the studentís had better have the same perception.The objective of vocational education is to prepare the students for the workplace.A good instructor will care very much if his or her students perceive that such a goal has been met or at least been advanced.