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TO: EVOC 501 Course Instructor
FROM: Phil Fournier
DATE: 10/2/2004
RE: EVOC 501, WR1 Assignment

The purpose of the WR1 Assignment was to prepare a list of resources that would be appropriate for the course I teach in Computerized Engine Control, Level 1. The following six criteria were specified:

1. Comply with all of the General Criteria for Written Reports.

2. Emulate the Fred Fudrucker example for FORMAT, but include your own CONTENT.

3. Provide a brief WRITTEN COURSE DESCRIPTION for a particular course that you could instruct, do instruct or have instructed.

4. List FIVE instructional resources in a standard BIBLIOGRAPHIC FORMAT that could be used in support of that course.

5. Include at least one WEB SITE and at least one BOOK in the list.

6. Immediately following each resource listed, provide a brief one or two sentence NARRATIVE DESCRIPTION of that resource.

The following sources of information were used relative to this assignment:

1. Fournier, Philip - From my own professional experience.


2. Google World Wide Web Search Engine -


I believe that the attached report meets all six of above listed criteria and respectfully request full credit: one point for meeting each of the above listed criteria.



Prepared by: Phil Fournier


Course Description:

An in-depth study of the use of computers for the control of various engine functions on GM vehicles.  Topics included in the course are:


·                     Emission control devices, Ohm's law and basic electronics,

·                     Input and output devices, basic computer operation,

·                     closed/open loop fuel control, computer assisted spark advance,

·                     computer controlled carburetion, computer controlled fuel injection.


This course is designed to prepare the student for the ASE L1 exam, as well as adding to the student’s knowledge of emission controls and computer control service and repair.  It will also aid any student interested in becoming a smog technician.




Dick H. King - Computerized Engine Controls-Fifth Edition, Delmar Publishers, Independence, KY


This is one of the very few automotive text books that orders information by vehicle manufacturer, rather than by system and has good content for entry level students.  Advanced students may find it someone lacking.


International Auto Technicians Network – Brea, California


This website has vast resources for automotive specific research on every make and model in the world.  The majority of it is available with a free membership, though advanced search functions require a monthly subscription fee of $10.


Smoghouse training software  (Interactive training CD) – Tools for Education,


This interactive CD is a great tool for developing diagnostic skills in a classroom setting, allowing students to repair vehicles “virtually”. – Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI


Although this website is designed to be subscription based (and very expensive) there is a large amount of free material in PDF files located under technical resources, ODB2 systems operation.


James Halderman - Advanced Engine Performance, Prentice Hall Publishers,


This textbook comes with an interactive CD to enhance the student’s learning experience with interesting case histories of real broken cars.  It is arranged by system rather than manufacturer but covers many of the topics in the course description in more depth than King’s book.