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LP1 LESSON PLAN   prepared by:  Phil Fournier    

TYPE of lesson, TITLE of lesson and ESTIMATED TIME:

Short LECTURE on "The Vocabulary Word Safety Glasses" (5 minutes).


Condition: Given the definition of the word "safety glasses" ...
Person: each student...
Performance: will write out that word ...
Criteria: spelling it correctly.

EQUIPMENT and MATERIALS required for the lesson:

* Laptop computer
* One page PowerPoint showing picture of safety glass with the definition.

How INSTRUCTOR will FACILITATE student learning:

Introduction - Anticipatory Set (60 seconds)
* Statement of objective (from above) - BEOLSWBAT
* Joke about the word “pair” and its strange use in the English language.
* Tie in the importance of using clear, specific, language.

Instruction - Key Concepts (60 seconds)
* Explain the importance of critical vocabulary.
* Provide the definition of the word "safety glasses" (Power Point).
* Spell the word, emphasizing each letter (Power Point).

Checking for Understanding and Clarification (30 seconds)
* Ask individual students to spell the word "safety glasses".
* Ask why understanding the definition of safety glasses is important.

Guided and Independent Practice (60 seconds)
* Ask all students to spell the word in unison.
* Ask students to write the word "safety glasses" in their notes.
* Recheck for understanding after practice.

Conclusion - Closure (30 seconds)
* Reemphasize importance using clear, specific, language.

* Discuss student time/practice needed to master this word.

How the students will be EVALUATED:
Through a "fill-in-the-blank" TEST QUESTION as follows:
" ________________________ - is a device used to protect the eyes from hazards.