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TO: Dr. Ron Pendleton
FROM: Phil Fournier

RE: FA5 status report


What subject(s) should (or do) appear on your Designated Subjects Credential (indicate if your credential is PART TIME or FULL TIME and ADULT or VOCATIONAL)?


I seem to have been “grandfathered.”  I have no credential and have not been asked to provide one, or even to complete the education courses which I am currently enrolled in (EVOC 501 and 519).  When I started teaching in 1988, I was given the usual provision that I had two years in which to complete the 12 units in education that were required for the part time credential.  I began the process in the summer of 1989 and by fall of 1989 had completed 9 units at UCR extension.  However, at that time the state of California made some kind of a change allowing the individual community colleges to decide their own standards for part time instructors.  I enquired of the dean of instruction what I should do.  He replied “we suggest you finish your 12 units, but do not require it.”  Being short on both time and money, I did not follow that suggestion.  The issue never came up again.  I do have an associate’s degree in Automotive and perhaps that has some bearing on the question.


If I had said credential, it should list the following subjects:

Automotive brake installation and repair
Automotive electrical systems service and repair
Automotive heating and air-conditioning service
Automotive mechanics
Automotive suspension and steering repair


What CSUSB courses do you need to take to clear your Designated Subjects Credential and when do you expect to complete them?


As explained above, for whatever reason (maybe oversight, since I have been in the automotive department longer than anyone else still there) I have no need to complete the credential, or at least am not being asked to do so.  But I am doing it in view of the completion of my BVE degree.


CPR - required of all teachers: I have not taken this course and until this very moment, did not know I needed to.


U.S. ConstitutionI anticipate that this requirement has been fully met by my CSU transferable course in U. S. History, taken at MSJC.  I have also taken Political Science.


Health Education – I anticipate taking this course in December, 2004, once I finish 501 and 519.  Incidentally, the link on the web page to the UCSD course is non-functional.


By what dates do you need to have the Level 1 and Level 2 courses completed?

As above, no such dates have been assigned to me.


What is the name, the e-mail address and the phone number of your credential analyst? And name and address of the agency for which he/she works?  As I lack any of the above information, I have submitted the letter below to Ms. Cordero in an attempt to find out where I am at!


Dear Ms. Cordero,

My name is Philip Fournier, student # 816-21-6045.  I am in the process of taking two EVOC courses at present, 501 and 519.  As part of the 501 course, I have an assignment which includes credential status.  I am in a bit of a strange situation.  I started teaching in 1988 at MSJC in San Jacinto in the automotive department.  I already had my associates degree in automotive when I began teaching.  At the time I was required to take 12 units in education within two years.  I got through 9 units at UCR extension by December, 1989 but was told that the rules had changed and that there was no requirement that I finish the 12 units, though they suggested I do so.  Suffice to say that I never did and the issue never was brought up again, though I have taught there over 1000 hours since then.  I am enrolled in the courses above for the purposes of completing my Bachelor’s degree in Voc Ed.  What suggestions do you have for me?  I am scheduled to teach in the spring of 2005.  Best regards, Phil Fournier


What QUARTER (Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer) in what YEAR do you plan to attend next at CSUSB? Winter, 2005


What course(s) do you plan to take in the quarter indicated above (indicate the day and time that each course will be offered)?


I plan to take EVOC 335 (Monday, January 3rd, 6pm to 10pm) in the winter quarter, 2005 and possibly EVOC 518 (Tuesday, January 4th 6pm to 10pm) depending on the recommendation of Donna Shea as to how labor intensive the 335 course will be. 


When is your assigned registration date? November 15th, 2004


Do you have any particular problems (challenges) relative to the registration process?  The answer appears to be yes.

Clear the following registration holds prior to your registration date:








Winter 2005








Winter 2005

I notice that there is a hold on my registration as the college wants to know something about my immunizations and also the Spanish department may be unhappy about my major.  That particular screw-up was due to the frustration factor that online registration would not allow me to put in Vocational Education as a major and neither would it allow me to save all of my entry up till that point, so I was forced to choose something else.  I chose Spanish and have not yet bothered to go through the process of changing my major.