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TO: Dr. Ron Pendleton
FROM: Phil Fournier

Scholar's Name: Phil Fournier

STUDENT PERFORMANCE - Briefly describe what students should be able to do as a result of the LP1 lesson (the student performance objective).

Given the definition of the word “safety glasses” each student will write out that word, spelling it correctly.

"OBJECTIVE" EVALUATION - Circle (or underline) either YES or NO to indicate what you (the instructor) did, or did not, do relative to each of the criteria indicated below.

YES or NO - Developed and followed the specified type of one page lesson plan.

YES or NO - Started lesson with a JOKE or appropriate humor.

YES or NO - Told students exactly what they should be able to do as a result of the lesson.  One thing that I didn’t do is wait for the thumbs up signal, so my introduction is missing from the video tape.

YES or NO - Motivated students to want to accomplish the stated objective.

YES or NO - Asked specific and appropriate questions to check for understanding.
I only remembered to ask one question, and I did not ask to spell the word but rather to respond with the correct word when the definition was given.  I also forgot to dim the PowerPoint to hide the word, so the student could simply have read it off the screen rather than pulling it from memory.
YES or NO - Emphasized important information presented in the lesson.

"SUBJECTIVE" EVALUATION - Circle (or underline) the letter grade A, B, C, D or F that best indicates your perception of the level of performance relative to each area indicated below, then add a brief positive reinforcement comment following each "A" grade indicated and add a brief constructive criticism comment followong any grade other grade.

A, B, C, D or F - Organization of the lesson.
The lesson followed the lesson plan in an orderly and appropriate fashion.

A, B, C, D or F - Effective focused communication.
Closer attention to the lesson plan would have eliminated the gap in the video tape at the beginning and would have resulted in at least one additional question to check for student understanding.

A, B, C, D or F - Stimulated student interest.

Excellent use of humor to focus attention on the vocabulary lesson and the underlying reason for the lesson.

A, B, C, D or F - Overall grade for the lesson.

Excellent use of visual aids, good use of voice for emphasis, pleasant facial expressions, and a reasonable amount of control over the eyebrows came together for an effective lesson.

PROFESSIONAL REFLECTION - State briefly what you learned about the process of evaluation from this self evaluation exercise.

This evaluation exercise gave me a chance to critique my instructing skills and presentation method.  It is a useful exercise which one rarely has or at least, one in which I have never participated in the past.