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TO: EVOC 501 Course Instructor
FROM: Phil Fournier
DATE: 10/5/2004
RE: 501-EA1-Fournier
(Dr. Pendleton, my penmanship is terrible.  I trust this is acceptable.  Let me know if not and I will change it)




Scholar's Name: Phil Fournier


Clearly hand print or write comments in all three of the following sections:

PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVE - Briefly describe what someone should reasonably be able to do as a result of reading the WR1 report (consider the purpose of the report).


Anyone who reads this report should be able to locate resources that would be appropriate to a course in Computerized Engine Control Level 1


POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT - Using words like "Good", "Very Good" and/or

"Excellent", briefly describe two things relating to how well the WR1 report was written, that you feel are worthy of praise.


Phil:  Your course description was very complete.  Your list of resources included an excellent variety of options for the student to obtain information relevant to the course.



CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM - Considering things like content, format, literary style,etc., make one specific suggestion that clearly describes how something about the WR1 report could be improved.


Phil: Proof-read your work, recalling that the spell checker is not perfect.  See misspelled word “somewhat” wrongly spelled “someone” in the first resource, second paragraph.