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a. What does standard 2 indicate about the "SUBJECT" block of the "send" window of each e-mail message?  The subject block needs to contain the 501 course number, followed by the assignment number, and my last name.

b. Why is this important?  So that the e-mail will not be classified as spam and will be directed in the correct folder for the professor.


2.      What is the complete URL for each of the three following Quick Links from the bottom of that page? Also, please briefly describe what information you found to be of most interest posted at each link.
     Class Schedules :  I found this information to be useful in scheduling for my fall quarter.
     Admission : I used this to guide me to the link for on-line registration, which given the distance I live from the campus, was necessarily of interest to me!
     Questions : I read carefully the answers regarding distance learning for the same reason as above, but I remain hopeful that I will be able to participate in some of the class sessions.


What information (link) did you find to be of most interest and why? I followed the link for “What graduates have said about our courses” more out of curiosity than anything else, but found there someone I know, Vance Bloom who teaches the ROP program at Hemet High School.

What do the letters CASE stand for and how might information on this page be of value to you? Credential Assistance for Students in Education.  I took 9 semester units in teaching back in 1989 at UCR when I started teaching.  I was supposed to take 12 and get my designated subjects teaching credential, but the law changed and I was not required by the college to finish those courses.  Ever since then, I have been “grandfathered” or something like that as I have never been asked for a credential at the community college where I teach.  So, this is not the primary reason for my taking EVOC courses.  However, in looking at this web page, there is probably no reason I shouldn’t get this credential anyway.

If you have a California Teaching Credential, search using your own name. Otherwise use the name of someone you know who does have a California Teaching credential. In either case, briefly describe what you found.  I searched for “Terry Ireland”, a fellow teacher at MSJC, and found that he has completed the following “ Preliminary Designated Subjects Vocational Education Teaching Credential: Full-Time”.  He leveraged his teaching credential into getting out of auto repair and into full-time teaching at a high school ROP, and example I may someday emulate.

Follow the link that leads to information about "Designated Subjects Credentials" then indicate what type of credential you have (or would like to get) and briefly describe what you believe is the most important information you found about that credential. As I said above (question 3), I do not have any pressing need for a teaching credential, but now that it has been pointed out to me through this homework assignment, I see no reason why I shouldn’t complete my credentialing prior to completing my BVE degree, which is what I am really interested in.  I found that I must also complete the health course from the web information, though I was hoping this might already have been accomplished since I took and passed an extremely difficult microbiology course in community college.  But, it had no CPR or first aid provisions and otherwise does not fit the description givenL.

First, search for information about Ron Pendleton (the one who is a professor at CSUSB) and indicate one thing you found to be of interest. Second, search for information about any person you know and indicate their name and one thing you found to be of interest.  I found an interesting link to a website that seemed to be partly in German where Dr. Pendleton gives his thoughts on the book “Verbal Judo”.  What I found interesting was not so much the good things that Dr. Pendleton said but the rather negative things that others said.  In fact, this has me excited about reading what I imagined would be a dull book!

Of course, what other person was I going to search for besides myself?  Of course, every “Philip Fournier” on the first page of hits was someone else, me being of relatively small impact in a big world.  But I did find this on page two

  I have written for trade magazines for six or seven years but was not aware that some of my stuff had been complied in this fashion.  I also found references to myself in connection with my business and my book and the websites that sell the book.

What three words best indicate what the letters ALI stand for and what did you find on the page (or links from the page) that was of particular interest to you?  Apple learning Interchange. I followed the link to “Lesson Ideas: Electronic portfolio for assessment”.  It looked like a cool way to link a student’s acquired skill in any particular class to a presentation skill of submitting his/her work to others, possibly to a future employer.  I think I would still have a good deal of difficulty using this concept with the student population I currently work with, however.

What is this page all about and to whom might it be helpful? AND - What information anywhere on this site did you personally find to be most interesting?  This is the web site for the San Bernadino County ROP program.  I found in interesting that there is a link on the home page directly to the CSUSB vocational education department, which tells me this program is held in high regard by the people who run the ROP program.  As a long time member of the Riverside County ROP automotive program advisory committee, I naturally clicked on this link to see what they had to say about the nature of the advisory committees.  I found their list of responsibilities to be very similar to those used in the Riverside county ROP.

Complete the "Learning Styles Questionnaire" and briefly describe the results. Do you think the results were accurate?   I found the test to be a bit on the tedious side and had difficulty coming up with what I felt to be accurate answers.  But this seemed to be reflected in the results in which I had three “3s” and one “5” which seems to indicate a person with a flexible learning style.  That pretty well describes me, I think, for I have excelled in classes where I felt the instructor was not very good, as well as in those where I was highly impressed with the instructor.

Select one of the free tests. Indicate the name of the test and why you selected it. Take the test and provide a brief synopsis of what the (free) results were. Do you think the results were accurate?  Cool!  Actually, I took the depression test because of past hardships.  I have passed through a number of periods in my life when I think my scores would have been very different than they were on this test today.  It was pretty nice to see the results reading like this “You show absolutely no signs of depression. Indeed, you seem like one of the happiest people around. This is most likely a result of a positive attitude, high self-esteem and well-developed coping skills and strategies. Wonderful! Keep your spirits up!”

(For scholars who really want to demonstrate how good they are at finding things on the web). Who is Elin? What is the name of the painting you liked best and why did you like it?  This is what one of my fellow automotive instructors calls “SSP” for “Shameless Self Promotion!  I presume that Elin must be your wife and that she is a gifted artist.  As I have a tremendous appreciation and fondness for cats and their unique personalities, I really like the painting of the cat titled “He thinks he’s yours” as the artist has captured that look of adoration I see in my own cat’s face when I scratch him in the right place.