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MSJC class AuMe135 ASE certification preparation Course Syllabus and Outline


Instructor: Philip Fournier††† Instructor e-mail:

Website: http://philsautoteacher.tripod.comphone: 951-927-2102

Course number: 1736

Course Title: AuMe 135 ASE Certification Preparation


What is ASE certification preparation all about?


ASE certification is a class designed to assist professional automotive technicians in preparing for the basic eight certification tests and the L1 advanced engine performance test (time permitting).The course will be composed of studying test questions, reviewing instructional videos, and answering test questions.The course is not designed to give in-depth instruction in any particular area of the vehicle.It should not be considered as a substitute for any of the courses designed to teach in-depth knowledge about subject matter.


What career pathways are possible with ASE certification preparation?


This course is an entry-level course which an automotive technician should find helpful in passing the eight basic level tests offered by the National Institute for Automotive Service Institute.An entry level technician may find salary advancement opportunities by passing ASE tests, as many employers give financial incentives to technicians for passing the tests.


What will students learn in Automotive Engine Performance?


1.      Information about base engine systems.See task list for A1 engine repair test.

2.      Information about Automatic Transmissions.See task list for A2 Auto Transmission.

3.      Information about Manual Transmissions and Drive Axles.See task list for A3 Manual Drive train and Axles.

4.      Information about Suspension and Steering.See task list for A4 Suspension and Steering.

5.      Information about Brake systems.See task list for A5 Brakes.

6.      Information about Electrical and Electronic systems.See task list for A6 Electrical/Electronic.

7.      Information about Heating and Air Conditioning.See task list for A7 Heating and Air Conditioning.

8.      Information about Engine Performance.See task list for A8 Engine Performance.


What is the required text for ASE Certification Preparation?

Guide to the Automobile Certification Examination by James G. Hughes, 6th Edition, Pearson Publishing.(Available from the book store.Also available online from in new and used.)


What is the schedule of instruction for ASE certification preparation?


Schedule of Instruction, AuMe135, ASE certification preparation


January 27th Introduction, sample questions

Assignment for following week: Read task lists on engine repair; answer questions 1 through 25..

February 3rd ††A1 Engine Repair.Video Tape, Aspire.Cover homework questions 1-25

Assignment for following week: Answer questions 50-75.

February 10th A1 Engine Repair continued.Quiz on Engine Repair

Assignment for following week: Read task lists relating to Steering/Suspension; answer questions 1-25.

February 17th Presidentís day holiday, no class

February 24th A4 Steering and Suspension.Video Tape, Aspire.Cover homework questions 1-25.

Assignment for following week: Answer questions 100-125 .

March 3rd A4 Steering and Suspension continued. Cover homework questions 100-125.Quiz on A4

Assignment for following week: Read task list relating to Brake systems; answer questions 1-25

March 10th A5 Brakes. Video Tape, Aspire.Cover homework questions 1-25

Assignment for following week: Answer questions 55-80.

March 17th A5 Brakes continued. Cover questions 55-80.Quiz on A5

Assignment for following week: Read task lists on Electrical; answer questions 25-50.

March 24th A6 Electrical/Electronic systems.Powerpoint Presentation on the operation of a relay. Cover homework 25-50.

Assignment for following week: Answer questions 110-135

March 31st A6 Electrical/Electronic systems continued. Cover homework questions 110-135.Quiz on A6

Assignment for followingweek: Read task list relating to Air Conditioning; answer questions 1-25

April 7thSpring Break, no class

April 14th A7 Heating and Air Conditioning.Video Tape, Aspire.Cover homework 1-25.

Assignment for following week: Answer questions 91-116

April 21st A7 Heating and Air Conditioning continued.Cover questions 91-116. Quiz on A7

Assignment for following week: Read task list on Engine Performance; answer questions 150-175

April 28th A8 Engine Performance.Engine Performance Powerpoint. ††Cover homework 150-175 (note: There are no questions regarding carburetors left on the ASE A8 test.Ignore any questions relating to carburetors).

Assignment for following week: Answer questions 1-24 beginning on page 326.

May 5th A8 Engine Performance continued. Cover homework pages 1-24. Quiz on A8

Assignment for following week: Read task list relating to auto trans; answer questions1-25.

May 12th A2 Automatic Transmissions.Video Tape, Aspire.Cover homework 1-25

Assignment for following week: Read task list relating to Manual transmissions; answer questions 75-105

May 19th A3 Manual Transmissions. Video Tape, Aspire. Cover homework 75-105No homework assignment for this week.

May 26th Final exam.


How are the students accepted into the program?


Students enroll in the AuMe135 class during regular semester registration hours at admissions and enrollment services.If there are seats left in the class as of the first day of the semester, students may add the class on the first meeting only.While being a professional technician is recommended, it is not required as a prerequisite.New students will be required to take the college English and Math preadmission testing.


What do students need to know about classroom operations?


  • Class schedules: Any variation from the schedule passed out on the first day of class will be posted on the board at least one week in advance.
  • Notebooks and handouts: Students will be expected to maintain a notebook with handouts and task lists.
  • Grades: Grades will be based on points earned as follows:
    • Six points for each homework assignment completed of which there are fourteen (must be turned in after in-class correction.Please note that homework is not accepted except in class.)
    • Sixteen points available on the final exam.

Overall Grade for the Course 

Of the 100 points that are possible, grades will be awarded as follows:

90 to 100 points earns an "A" grade

80 to 89 points earns a "B" grade.

70 to 79 points earns a "C" grade.

60 to 69 points earns a "D" grade.

Below 59 points earns an "F" grade.

Make ups: There will be no make ups.

What is the Assertive Discipline plan?

This is a college class.All students are here as a result of selecting the course of their own free will and no one is required to stay in the class.As a consequence of this, adult behavior is both expected and demanded.Lest there be any confusion as to what this means, the following rules are set forth:

1.      Respect will be shown to fellow students and the professor at all times.This includes not talking during lectures unless called upon to answer a question, or by raising a hand to ask a question.

2.      Cell phones result in unacceptable class interruptions.Cell phones may be used on breaks, but must be shut off during lecture and lab time.

3.      Smoking and tobacco chewing is not permitted in the classroom or in the lab per state law.Smoking may occur in the designated areas on break time.

4.      Name calling and similar immature behavior will not be tolerated.

5.      School policy discourages food in the classroom for hygiene reasons.However, this instructor realizes that many of the students are also holding down jobs and time for eating can be hard to find.Food and drink may be consumed in the classroom prior to the start of class provided it is not carried into the lab.