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Phil's Education Website
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Lexie, 7 meses
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Karen and I, Yosemite, June, 2007

Hello, friends, this is my website which I am building to keep track of my progress in my education, as well as to share some things about my family. I am 48 years old, own Phil's Auto Clinic as a partner with my brother, teach for Mt. San Jacinto College, as well as doing contract teaching for Standard Motor Parts and on my own. I finished my BA degree in Vocational Education April of 2006 and graduated in June, 2006. I hope to finish a second BA degree in Spanish.

Below is a picture of my very beloved family at my son Eddie's wedding, Dec. 30, 2006. Jenny, 19, graduated from Hemet High School, #5 in her class. She is studing at UCR as a math major since Fall, 2005 and is scheduled to graduate June, 2007. Karen is my wife of 27 years and the bookkeeper for my business. Eddie, 25, is now married to Michelle, living in Colombus, Ohio where he is working on integrated electronic home security and control systems.


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site. The best e-mail to reach me at is